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SBE Communications is a firm that works with changemakers on branding, social media, graphic design, video production, and copywriting. We believe in sweating the details for our clients so they can focus on doing what they do best -- bring positive change to the community.

Organizational PR

PEERS collaborates with Exploratorium on new exhibit about mental illness, normality
"The Changing Face of What Is Normal" debuted at the San Francisco museum in April.

Shine receives Honorable Mention from SAMHSA’s Voice Awards
The PEERS-produced documentary focuses on TAY living in urban environment who have recovered from mental health challenges born from trauma.

PEERS hosts 450 for second international WRAP Around the World Conference
Held over the course of three days, the conference featured more than 70 workshops and keynote addresses by industry leaders on what the future of the mental health field holds.

Chad Saunders appointed Interim Board President
PEERS mourns the loss of its previous Board President Luther Jessie.

John George Peer Mentor Program sees 68 percent decrease in patient re-hospitalization
The program pairs those who are currently in the hospital with former patients who are thriving in order to give hope and guidance.

Journalistic Pieces

Native American tribal communities provide hope for overcoming historical trauma
The key is to restoring those cultural traditions that were suppressed or seized, according to one expert.

Hall: Changing relationship with feelings key to personal recovery, social change
Mental health advocate and schizophrenia survivor Will Hall freely admits that he still has suicidal feelings. But instead of carrying shame, he is grateful.

Wellness Around the Globe
Six individuals from four continents share how one particular tool for mental health has impacted them.

Tongan American aims to eliminate stereotypes, promote wellness within Pacific Islander Community
Loa Niumeitolu uses her personal and cultural experiences to work towards ending stigma within an invisible and stereotyped population.

UK medic gets taste of American response
Two paramedics engage in an intercultural exchange of occupations. And they document all of it.


An Insider’s View into the Market Street Prototyping Festival
I ghostwrite a post for the Exploratorium's Studio for Public Spaces and highlight its role as Civic Center district captain in the Market Street Prototyping Festival.

6 Keys to Maintaining Healthy Relationships
I summarize my take-aways on one of the most serious yet funniest workshops I've attended.

A Letter of Thanks to the Pioneers
I write a tribute to the founders of the mental health rights movement.

How One Communications Professional Learned to Speak Better to Herself
I have never not made a living with my words, but I never gave them the weight I should have when speaking to myself.

Can I really get the job I want?
I reflect on a great workshop about the power of reframing perceived negatives into positives.

Wait, you mean my prescriptions could be hurting me?
Author Robert Whitaker speaks on the finding of his national bestseller Anatomy of an Epidemic. The data he shares is a bit unsettling.

Getting to Know the Hmong
A long history of traditional healing methods makes the Hmong one of the highest at-risk populations for mental health stigma.

Marketing Copy

Client: PEERS
Project: Tri-fold brochure
Background: I led the organization through a re-branding process that involved a new look and a new way of presenting itself and what it did to the public. After hearing from multiple sources about the important points, I synthesized the feedback and broke it down into succinct sections. 

Client: PEERS
Project: Parallel fold brochure
Background: I was tasked with writing and designing a brochure for the Social Inclusion Campaign, a countywide anti-stigma effort. Since many are unfamiliar with mental health and why stigma is important, I needed to grab the attention of the reader while also breaking complex social concepts down into easy-to-understand sections. 

Client: PEERS
Project: Promotional palm card
Background: For the third year in a row, PEERS was planning to have its staff offer media coverage of a popular national mental health conference. For the first time, PEERS wanted to promote the coverage with palm cards to distribute to conference attendees. I constructed the copy and design so it was no-fuss and easy for folks to follow.

Client: PEERS
Project: Sell sheet
Background: After many years of only receiving grants for funding, PEERS decided to start selling its services for additional income. I designed and wrote content for a Wellness Recovery Action Planning sell sheet. The front side has an introduction to WRAP and why PEERS staff are qualified, while the back has various options from which to choose.

Client: PEERS
Project: Promotional palm card
Background: I designed this palm card to promote a TV show and podcast about mental health. I was also tasked with constructing copy that would inform people that these shows are interesting, fresh, and uplifting, as opposed to the rest of the content in the mental health field that is often depressing and lacking excitement.

Client: PEERS
Project: Parallel fold brochure
Background: Similar to the Social Inclusion Campaign brochure, I was tasked with designing and creating copy for a brochure focusing on mental health stigma and discrimination in the African American community.

Project: Promotional palm card
Background: After PEERS created the Shine documentary, the organization needed a way to promote the film, the website, and community screenings. I designed and served as copywriter for a palm card advertising the film. I chose to lead with a quote from a reputable local news source.

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