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SBE Communications is a firm that works with changemakers on branding, social media, graphic design, video production, and copywriting. We believe in sweating the details for our clients so they can focus on doing what they do best -- bring positive change to the community.


We know that no two needs are the same. That's why we specialize in creating custom proposals tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you need assistance with one project or guidance for an overall organizational media strategy, we can help. 

You can see just some of what we do below.

Social Media

We are proud of empowering our clients and taking the mystery out of social media.

Workshops - Learn the difference between the major social media platforms and how and when to use them.

Profile Management - Don't have time for all the posting that needs to be done? We'll do it for you. 


We can write either formally or conversationally, in your voice or ours. We tailor our tone to the audience and project objectives.

Blogging - We can teach you how to blog or ghostwrite on behalf of you or your organization.

Marketing Collateral - We construct copy that is short, sweet, compelling, and to the point.

Reports - Presenting information in a clear succinct way is key. No obscure dissertations here.

Press Releases - We craft compelling leads and pegs and write everything in AP style so you are ready to submit to your favorite reporters.

Newsletters - Got content? If you need help with ideas, we can suggest some topics and teaser text. 


Are you conveying what you want? We will help you find out and if not, we'll help you get there.

Research - We look at what you've done so far, how you've evolved, where you've come from, and what your competitors are doing.

Exploration - Based on our research, we float a few ideas and conduct a focus group or two to see what sticks (or doesn't).

Recommendations - After our exploration process and the incorporation of feedback, we make our informed recommendation for moving forward.

Graphic Design

We can implement a new brand identity or promote a special event across many products, or just work on the one you need.

Logos - We design a few, and then you give us your preferred choice. Then we work some more until you're thrilled.

Brochures - We do the traditional tri-fold and do it well. We are also masters at designing snazzy alternative formats with special folding, too.

Letterhead - It's a basic. But when done well, it's impressive.

Business Cards - It's how people remember you, so we believe in making them special!

Posters - We custom design these for your size and space needs.

Post Cards - Whether you want to mail or hand them out personally, post (or palm) cards are one of the most effective outreach tools around. 

Newsletters - We can design both print and e-newsletter templates so all you need to do is drop in the content.

Video Production

We can help with the whole process, or just bits and pieces.

Pre-production - A thorough pre-production process makes everything that follows smooth sailing. We plan the entire project to a T before even picking up a camera. 

Production - We shoot your project at a location of your choosing.

Post-production - We edit, trim, mix, and package the final video to be uploaded to the web or screened in a venue.

Project Management

We may not have all the technical skills in the universe, but know how to talk the talk with people who do. We make sure everything stays on schedule and everyone stays informed.

Website Development - We work with developers, designers, copywriters, and all project team members to clarify expectations, set deadlines, and monitor quality.

Video Production - If we're not shooting ourselves, we prepare the talent and work with the crew to make sure everyone is one the same page until it's a wrap. Then we work with the editors to make sure the final product is just as it should be.


Need the perfect images for your website, brochure, or social media? We've got you covered.

Event Coverage - Capturing key moments and guest candids from a special event is one of our strengths.

Portraits - If you are updating your staff or need promotional shots for your project or campaign, we can help.


Don't know where to start? Have limited resources but don't know how to focus them? Not to worry. We'll get you on track and get you the biggest bang for your communications buck.

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